Soul-Care Therapy and Growth
Therapy means resolving the issues that stagnated your growth possibilities in the past. It is creating the foundation for future growth. The cognitive part in therapy deals with altering the limiting beliefs that we have in relation to ourselves and the world we live in, creating a belief system that allows us to grow beyond imagination. The somatic part of therapy helps us understanding our emotional and soul needs and development through the reflections in the body. Growth is opening up to new meanings, new possibilities, new perspectives. It is about going beyond old limitations and exploring new space. Growth is discovering the true beauty of existence in a multi dimensional way. Or with simpler words: connecting more and more to your Essential Being where you will find contentment and re-evaluate the value of what is important without getting upset. All we really need for growth is our life’s mirror in the moment. In a certain way, forget the past, forget the future, everything we need is here, right now, giving us the possibility to unfold and spread our wings. This calls for clarity and trust and this is what many people lack in their lives, therefore, the process will focus on making clear what is confuse and constructing faith where mistrust rules. What can you expect? First of all your therapist or growth-counselor will be an active mirror and an unconditional support at the same time. He or she will help you to focus on the real issues instead of going around in the old treadmill all the time. Most new ideas, perspectives and visions will need a corespondent practical conversion towards daily life. If you feel the need to broaden your emotional and spiritual horizon, want to unify with the real You. Come and meet us, so we can see where we can help you exploring yourself.