Exploration of the Soul can be done in many different ways. Like Shamanic rituals, dreaming, aura reading, channeling, etc. We work with the signals of the body, our intuition, dreams, affirmations, mindfulness, synchronicity and the strong mirror of our relations. Some people would ask: Why should I explore the Soul if I just want to be happier in life? Exploring the Soul will help understand what really wants to be happier and help connecting  to your Personal Essence. This is where true contentment resides.
To understand the Soul we will have to understand the purpose of our Being here and for most people that will be the ten-million Euro question. Who am I and what am I doing here? We do not need a 100% fixed answer because understanding the Soul happens in the process which is more important then the final answer, if you ever find one that will satisfy. Just imagine that you are the center of the universe. Everything you see and experience is a reflection of who you are. Even other people, they may look like wandering stars in your world but you projected them there. It means that you are responsible for everything that happens in your world. Scary, especially when your world is full of suffering and misery - but then, when you start to realize that you can create beyond your imagination (yes, it is possible) it becomes very powerful and peaceful. Although life is a miracle in itself most people find it hard to believe in miracles. It is right before our eyes and we won’t see it. Since you are the creator of life it is good to know that when you have a question you unconsciously already created the answer - funny, but all you have to do is learn to open your eyes or intuition towards yourself. Is that easy? It is easier for those who think life is a creative circus where we get lost from time to time. It is more complicated for those that think they know it all or those that find life a punishment, a place to suffer and where you can only purify through hard labor. It is our own creation, remember, therefore, you can make it as complicated as you like. If you do not focus on the final goal but instead at every small step possible, step after step. That is encouraging, rewarding and may give confidence take make some bigger jumps into the great Mistery of being. Growth is exploring and that is best done together.
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