Our body is a manifestation of True Nature. The way we experience the body and our world is a projection of our Soul. The way we see and treat it is the result of our personal experiences. Essence is the source of All. We all long to live our essential Being. Our life is a manifestation of our Soul and consciousness. Caring for our Soul can be done through caring for it’s manifestations. Such as: Our intentions   -   Our body   -   Our emotions   -   Our world Our illnesses   -   Our hearts desires   -   Our relations   -   Our thoughts Our spirituality   ~  Ourself and many more....... Meditation, Mindfulness, Compassion, Reflection, Empowerment, Relating, Acceptance and Joy are important tools in caring for the Soul. The moment you understand that your “Well-Being” is really and entirely your responsibility and  yours only, when you understand that deeply, the burden is disappearing and replaced by relief and challenge. Your ‘own’ responsibility does not mean that you have to face it all alone, the right kind of support and sharing is welcome and even necessary to go deeper in embracing the Soulfull Being that you truely are.