Creating and relating. Many spiritual traditions state; we create our personal world and that our experiences, good and bad, are a direct result of this creation. What we create is linked to what we believe, both conscious and subconscious. Our subconscious belief system has been constructed with all that we absorbed from parents, friends, society, culture, religion, In fact everything that surrounds us. In this subconscious area we can find may beliefs that will limit our potential. There is a lot of ‘negative’ input around us all of the time, at home, at school, through the media and even while looking in the mirror. There is also a lot of ‘positive’ input; subliminal messages we get from parents, friends and strangers. It disappeared into the subconscious simply because we were not aware of the messages at the time. Our system absorbed them anyway, stored them and activates them when possible. It is a network of forces struggling and creating a part of what we call reality and it all happens in the cellar where we cannot see it because we closed the door, too much information we could not handle at a certain point in the past. A simple example that results from the division of social classes; if you were born to be a dime you will never be a dollar. And it were not the rich telling it to the poorer people, no, the poor people told themselves, maybe to justify their misery and impotence; it is not in our hands! The conscious beliefs are those that surface from the deeper subconscious, others are repeated to us as mantras and we heard them. Here we also find limiting and creative beliefs and there is a rational wrestle going on, almost all of the time. This is the arena of philosophers and psychotherapists or simply the individual while reflecting. If you cannot find the words to describe this battle, you can dance it, let it be heard in music or seen in arts. You can think that we are enslaved to the outcome of the subconscious beliefs and we certainly are at the rational and logical level of existence. Here we need the relations with others to reflect and be convinced of possibilities other than the ones we know so well and hung on to for too long. The others can help us to enter the empire of magic where we step by step can become the wizards that consciously shape every new day that we live. Becoming a wizard is not complicated – the biggest obstacle will be that you refuse to believe that you can be the creator of your life. Becoming a wizard implicates visualizing a new belief and the image that goes with it, maybe small things at first, and just watch them come true. Observe what the result is in your life, relations and your body which is like a multi-dimensional mirror of your soul. It is not complicated unless you believe it is, it is possible at this very moment unless you believe that it is impossible. Maybe you believe that it will take a life-time to develop this skills but you are already doing it, therefore, simply wake up to your true nature. Matheus Noordeloos
Soul-Care - Article