Of Love and relations “I will always love you”, “All you need is love”, Love hurts….. Beautiful songs about the most complex concept that we brought into this world, “Love” Probably ‘Love’ is the most misunderstood and abused word that we have, there is so much illusion and confusion about what love really is, although in principle it is very simple, Love is the recognition of Essence, recognition of Essence within you and within others, including everything that exists. The ability to recognize Essence is within everybody because that is what we are in the end but often it has been obscured by clouds of illusion, greed, neediness, unresolved anger, frivolity, and etcetera. This obscurity is part of the Soul’s process towards unveiling its true nature. Every step that we progress we can experience an explosion of happiness and feeling love. Do not mistake Love for Essence because it is not the same, love is what happens when we recognize Essence but Essence is all there is and include Love but is indescribable more. The significance of relations is basically creating a mirroring stage where we can reflect on who we are. Therefore, starting a relation can be a Self-centered* action that may function well for those participating in his relation. The objective of Self-centered relations is Growth. Next to the Self-centered we can distinguish the Ego-centered* relations. Their objective is basically to fulfill needs and can be extremely deceptive. Normally it is a marriage of illusions with the primary purpose to create an even bigger illusion. Often these relations end in a chaotic scene where we can start to understand and lose the illusions that we created in order to develop towards the ability to commit to Self-centered relation. This is a painful process with many challenges and breakdowns. To have the experience of Pain, you will have to cut yourself. It can be that somehow you opted to live that experience of pain, do not judge yourself here but if you feel that it is prolonged in a way you do not want anymore, that is the moment for growth. Probably you are so tangled up in the experience that you do not know anymore how to change it all by yourself. The truth is that you may need help – the good thing of Soul’s journey is that when you create a question, you also already created the answer but you have to open your eyes and start looking in different directions then you did before. The same is true for complicated growth situations, be attentive of who or what is coming your way, you already created that person or situation. So, find help, you do not have to do it all by yourselves. More complex and more often present are the relations that are partially Ego-centered and partially Self-centered. They seem to be more confusing but the good news is that you can learn to utilize the Self-centered part as an anchor to reflect and work the Ego-centered part. * Ego-centered means that the focus is mainly on the outside world and the expectance of growth is based on satisfaction through material and immaterial goods, like money, power and status. * Self-centered means that the focus is mainly on the reflections of the relation with the outside world and growth expectance is based on the development towards Unity and realizing True Nature. Matheus Noordeloos
Soul-Care - Article