A perspective of the Soul and Self There are many visions on what is Soul and Self. They all depend on who is looking, therefore, it is important to reflect on them and subsequently develop your own concept of Soul and Self. If you think it over, test it in real life, maybe discuss it with others, draw and sing it, shape it and release it into your world, then you are making your concept a real thing. You start to live your Soul and Self and that is exactly the idea of being in this life. Creatively shape your Soul and Self. Everything is supposed to have an end and a beginning, at least in the world where duality is a fact. It is difficult to imagine black without white, up without down, etcetera. Still beyond the world of duality there is Unity, where all is one and one does not exist, where empty is full, where there is no beginning and no end. Here we find Essence and, here is everywhere – it has no borders or limitations, no form and at the same time it fills up all there is. It is enigmatic and obvious and the same time. This Essence is what many people call God and they gave God a form because they did not know how to deal with an all-existing, non-existing concept. Now imagine this Essence or God is all there is - then it is impossible for it to know itself. Because for knowing yourself, you need to reflect and for that you need a mirror, something that is outside of you and that is impossible if you are all. The Essence has consciousness but no responsiveness – it cannot answer to itself. This is where consciousness created Soul. You can say that Soul is a vehicle for the awareness of the Essence. By creating Soul, the Essence created duality and that is exactly what it needs to experience itself. Soul is light and shadow, good and bad, love and hate an so on. Every possible duality is available in Soul. Soul has a great quality and that is the ability to project whatever it wants. Soul created the Personal Essence; this is Essence that has the ability to store personal experiences. To fill this with experience the Self is projected on a stage that we call Existence. Human life is only a part of that stage but this is where our focus is while being alive. The projected Self has little or no recollection of its essential heritage, this is on purpose to be able to live the experiences of duality with the objective to explore and know your Self.  In our world there are many Selves and we do need each other to explore and experience. All the info is stored in the personal Essence is processed by our personal Soul, it reacts based on all past information and somehow directs us to new possible experiences but the Self decides, consciously or instinctively what experiences are to be lived. This all happens in the illusion of the moment and we can alter this in the same moment. In fact all is projection and with that illusion, what we call life is a projection of our united souls on an immense multi-dimensional screen. Matheus Noordeloos
Soul-Care - Article