What about enlightenment? We live in a world where it seems that a lot of people are looking to find enlightenment. This is often chased for in the way that a dog runs after its own tail in order to find his head. Of course it is no problem and may give you lots of excitement and fun before you become frustrated. The moment the playful running is over and it becomes compulsive, it may be time to stop and reflect a bit. Just imagine the following. Instead of looking at ourselves as persons that are imperfect and doomed to karmic cycles, trying life after life to reach that divine state of enlightenment, we can turn the image completely inside out or around. We are enlightened Beings that seek the experiences of human life. To achieve that, we are born in a body and a family because almost all our experiences are in relation to other humans. On top of that we forgot the fact that we already are enlightened. This is a necessity and makes it possible to face trouble, challenges, happiness, despair and all the faces of love and hatred. We include death as a crucial event is this experience but in fact we can continue our journey after dying and step into the circle of life after life. We can also choose to realize at any moment that we are enlightened and continue our journey as an enlightened person in a confused world. It seems hard to believe and that is why the majority rejects this brilliant idea. They prefer to stumble around in darkness and agony, but this can also be seen as a courageous option to explore the depth of human life, therefore no judgments at all. Not everything that seems stupid is really stupidity. If you now simply accept the idea of already being enlightened, even if you do not understand it yet, this would give you some big advantages on your journey. First of all, you can stop chasing the state of enlightenment because you know that you already are. This will save you so much energy and no more pretending. Next you realize that this is all your own creation in order to have the experience of human life. Suddenly the experiences become your responsibility instead of something that is happening to you. Now you consciously owe them, shape them and give them life; therefore you can alter them as you please. It is all in your hands, what a relief and a great opportunity to explore the events a bit deeper instead of trying to get rid of them. Each of your actions is born from enlightenment, just as you are and they serve to explore human life. If you think about this concept, it is true for positive, constructive actions as well as for negative, destructive actions. This is a reason why our world is always in war and there are always, both, traitors and heroes available. We need these cruel events to test the limits of our human potential, positive as well as negative. Of course this is not enlightenment but still it is born from the quest for experiences that the enlightened soul has. Yes, complicated it is. Therefore, do not ignore the personal, social and worldly events that come to your perception. If you do not like them, change them into something you adore. If it seems that you are not able to transform them, then pay special attention because they are there for a reason and an opportunity to explore your soul’s experiences as a human being. Matheus Noordeloos
Soul-Care - Article